4 Reasons You Should be a CompTIA Community Member

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While most people only care about attaining the certificates, some are on the lookout for more—mentors, internships, job opportunities, and other things that will push them to the top of their careers. Being a CompTIA community member is a smart step to getting benefits beyond just getting certified. For this reason, we’ve listed five (5) reasons you should be a CompTIA Community Member. 

1. Helps You Figure Out Your Point of Interest

When you become a member of the CompTIA Community, you’re automatically eligible to volunteer for several projects.

By volunteering for different types of projects, you may discover a new career or passion, or even discover you’re proficient in a particular area and your area of weakness.

If you’re given an opportunity to help on various types of projects, volunteer yourself, don’t underestimate the benefit, just go for it! Along the way, you may find out what truly feeds your souls.

2. Opportunity to Participate in Various Projects, Whether Big or Small

Whatever your level of time commitment is, you’ll always find projects that suit you. Whether you’re the very busy type or mostly available.

However, if you’re not sure of the amount of time you’re willing to invest in, or even the area that interests you, all you want is to be involved, then ‘micro-volunteering is highly recommended for you according to Tedrick, a long-time CompTIA volunteer.

Micro-volunteering is when you volunteer for a single event or project at a time. Nonetheless, there’re opportunities for individuals who can dedicate more time to the community—the Leadership roles.

Leadership roles can be quite a lot of work within the CompTIA membership, keeping you busy with tasks. But if you’re passionate about the projects, the reward will be worth the time spent at the end of the day.


3. Helps You to Meet Your with Potential Mentors

Almost every person who has become successful in the world of tech can perhaps mention at least one or two mentors who assisted them along the road and made a huge impact in their success story.

Meeting professionals that will devote their time and resources to you to guide you through the right path of becoming a better technologist is a step you can’t afford to skip in the early stage of your career.

CompTIA membership makes it possible for rising professionals to meet sponsors and mentors to help them make appropriate moves in their careers.

4. Acquire hands-on Experience

The situation of many college graduates is the fact that employers do see them as highly educated people but with little practical or hands-on experience.

If you find yourself in this situation; whereby you have a good understanding of the theoretical knowledge but have no in-depth idea on how to practically apply the knowledge to solve real-life business problems, participating as a CompTIA community member may help you gain the hands-on experience you need.

Joining the CompTIA community gives you the opportunity to develop your professionalism and advance your career.

The community is filled with accommodating industry experts willing to provide mentorship to up-and-coming professionals.

You could likewise have access to gain hands-on experience working on real-life projects with members of the community; thereby, building important relationships and a good network of techy people that will help flourish your career.

Closing Thoughts

While what many often think about when studying for certifications is getting themselves certified, you should do more by looking for opportunities along the way! Joining the CompTIA community certainly opens you up for many opportunities.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to checkout our promising practice exams for CompTIA certifications.


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