What IT Jobs can I get as a Security+ Certificate Holder?

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After several weeks of bound and determined studying; reading books, watching training videos, and doing a lot of practice exams, you signed up and smashed the Security+ cert! Now you’re wondering “what good will this cert do really do me? What kind of job can I get with this?” Chill out! say no more. Just keep scrolling.

Or maybe you’re speculating each cert before finally deciding to take one — looking for the one with the highest job opportunities. No problem. Just keep scrolling.

Well, the truth is: Being certified doesn’t land you a job automatically. This is what the certification does:

  1. It drives employers’ attention to you during job interviews and endorses your skill, which is globally respected.
  2. It serves as a spring in your step during recruitment for entry-level cybersecurity job positions.
  3. Assures you that you’ve mastered the latest fundamental concepts and skills required to begin your career in cybersecurity.

The List of jobs You Can get being a Security+ holder

According to Forbes in their article titled Here Are Fast-Growing Jobs for The Future, “It’s believed that there will be a continuing escalating need for workers to help protect data, privacy, and information security.” Affirming that your job opportunity is high. Below are some of the common job titles CompTIA Security+ could give you a chance to win:

  • Junior penetration tester
    • Role: You’ll be assigned to improve the network security of a computer by trying to detect and exploit vulnerabilities that can be used by threats.
    • Salary (US): $70,000-$163,000
  • Security Specialist
    • Role: Here, you’ll maintain an organization’s automated security systems and employees’ identification cards.
    • Salary (US): $45,866-$87,701
  • Security Consultant
    • Role: Your job entails assessing all security systems for a client or an organization you’re working for.
    • Salary (US): $99,923-$161,659
  • Security engineer
    • Role: You’ll be assigned to test and screen security software. You’ll also monitor systems and networks for intrusions or security breaches.
    • Salary (US): $94,000-$137,600
  • System Administrator
    • Role: The responsibility of configuring and managing an organization’s computer systems and networks is all on you.
    • Salary (US): $74,871- $105,158
  • Network Administrator
    • Role: You’ll be assigned to maintain an organization’s network; solving any issues that may affect it.
    • Salary (US): $55,992-$72,186
  • Security Administrator
    • Role: As a security administrator, you’re assigned to administer, troubleshoot, and install an organization’s security solutions.
    • Salary (US): $74,871-105,158

Things That May Affect Your Chances of Getting Employed

Apart from several general steps you can follow, there are tweaks you can also make within yourself to increase your chance of getting hired, which concurrently helps you hike up your salary. Let’s see:

  1. Socializing: Connect with IT professionals, go to conferences, and attend webinars to get in touch with people of the same field. Building your professional network is very important to advancing your career and getting employers to easily find you. Engage in forums and newsgroups, stay active on social networks like LinkedIn.


  1. Stay updated: Ensure you’re always sharpening your skills, so when you find a job requiring new technologies, you’re already on your mark, set, and ready to go!


  1. Developing soft skills: Your communication skills can significantly influence your chance of getting a job. Likewise, having a persistent work ethic, being able to manage time effectively, possessing overall positive attitude, being creative, coping with pressure, your ability to solve problems all shows that you’re worthy of being an employee.


  1. Additional certifications: If you’ve got other HYPERLINK “https://globalcerts.training/” in-demand certifications apart from the CompTIA Security+, plus you can showcase additional completed training, that may expand the reach of your certs; making you qualified for positions you otherwise would not.


  1. Previous experience: Having previous related job experience builds expectations and provides trust on the side of the employers. And that can increase the figures on your paycheck.

Closing Thoughts

While you’re looking for jobs Security+ could fetch you, don’t stop learning about CompTIA Security+. Don’t wait! As it has been mentioned earlier, holding additional certifications will allow you to expand your skillset, skyrocketing your chances of finding a well-paying job. See what you can do to stay geared up and land your dream job!

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