Are CompTIA certifications worth it in 2021?

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Are CompTIA certifications worth it in 2021?

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What business could you start in 2021 with $400 and get a return of $80,000 yearly? “None”, you might say, but if I told you there was one?

Let’s talk about CompTIA certifications!

CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association) is the leading provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications in the world. With more than 2 million IT certifications issued already.

CompTIA certificates are considered the industry standard for establishing a career in IT or cybersecurity.

One of the many CompTIA certifications available, CompTIA A+ is only an entry-level IT certification that certifies you as a PC service specialist, and according to the Infosec Institute, those with the A+ certification confessed to have earned as much as $80,000 in 2020 when given roles as network administrators.

Taking a CompTIA A+ certification exam in 2021 costs less than $400 in most countries, and if all it takes to earn the certificate is paying $400 in a bank account, getting a certificate sent to you, picking up a job immediately, and earning $80,000, then you wouldn’t even be wasting time reading this at all; it would be obvious paying for the certification exam is more than worth it.

However, oftentimes, the money you pay for the certification is the least valuable of all the things you give up to earn it; you often have to give up much more money to prepare for the certification and also invest so much of your valuable time.

So, does the time and money you give up for the certification worth it? Do other CompTIA certifications promise as much fortune as the CompTIA A+?

How Much Extra Do I Have To Pay?

This is one of the biggest fears of those who want to prepare towards CompTIA certifications: that they have to pay much more hidden fees in the course of preparation, but is this true?

The answer is no! Preparing for CompTIA courses is easier than ever, and in fact, with just as little as $0, you could prepare for the certification.

Today, there are tons of free and comprehensive courses and resources that help prepare for CompTIA certifications, but of course, no one trusts free things, maybe that’s why CompTIA certifications are not absolutely free.

But even if you are to enroll for paid courses, then most courses that prepare you for the CompTIA certifications are quite cheap, almost too cheap.

Some of the most comprehensive paid courses on CompTIA certifications could be found on Udemy or other sites for less than $100.

Certainly, if all the “hidden fees” is just about $100, then preparing for the certification is certainly still a steal.

Are Certifications Really Valued?

In all honesty, how much you are valued depends more on how you earn a certification than on what certification you earn.

Preparing for CompTIA certifications should not be done with an exam-focused mindset where one focuses on tricks to pass the exams rather than on developing the real skills and getting hands-on experience.

Certifications are meant to get you a job, but the hands-on skills you acquire in the course of the certification is what retains the job for you.

And if the question is whether CompTIA certifications are valued enough to get you a job, then you probably need to know that some of the biggest concerns levied against the certifications is that they are only good for ticking a box ( “Do you have an IT certification ” box) during a job interview session.

Of course, this is not true, as I have explained, this depends on how you prepare, but even if it were true, it is proof that IT employees would on any day, place CompTIA certified employees over non-certification holders, and in fact over one with a degree, if it is an irrelevant field.

As someone just stepping into the IT world, the only thing that can replace experience is certification, and the best bet for this remains CompTIA certification.

Also, CompTIA certifications hold ISO/ANSI accreditation status, which means they meet or exceed the global benchmarks set forth by ISO – the worldwide organization that sets the standard for certifications, processes, and products – and ANSI – the U.S. representative to ISO.

How Much Time Does It Take?

This is subjective, but oftentimes, most applicants report spending around 10-12 weeks preparing for the certification. This is a pretty good amount of time to spend changing career paths.

If you have prior IT experience though, it could take much less time.

Other Benefits Of CompTIA Certifications

A. They Can Be Combined With Other Things

The biggest challenge for those who want to change career paths often is that they need money to fend for themselves while learning what they need for their new career path. Balancing these two is often a problem.

With CompTIA certifications,  you work at your own pace and can decide to strike a very good balance between work and learning, and advance in your new career.

B. Gives You a Sense of Direction

The IT world is not a world for the greedy; it is a very enticing world where you want to learn everything you see and often end up learning nothing.

With CompTIA certifications, you have a sense of direction, the certifications are graded in such a way that you know what should be next for you, based on your interest, after finishing each one.

Also, while you are preparing, you are not just running around haphazardly in the IT world, but you are following a good structure that makes it hard to derail.

C. You Are Part Of A Community

Many times, what really brings success to most people in what they do is the social connection they establish with like-minds: the pushing, the pieces of advice, the motivation, the guidance.

CompTIA certification holders have formed a strong community you can learn from, interact with, ask for support from and give back to.

In conclusion, CompTIA certifications seem like the wisest thing to invest your $500 on even in 2021 due to the immense benefits they offer in easing you into your new career path.

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